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IXI: Rise of the King - The Book

A Convergence of Literature, Music, and Media

Part novel, part soundtrack, the IXI: Rise of the King project combines elements of sight and sound to create a unique experience for the reader.   As characters perform in the story, you can listen to the music in the scenes. 


The novel was published byCosby Media Productions the first few chapters are available for preview under  the "Read an Excerpt" menu option.  If you like what you're reading, sign up to become a member of the "IXI Family,"  and we'll share secrets behind the IXI: Rise of the King project including new music from the soundtrack, special features, and behind the scenes footage of the making oif the project.   


Secret Societies, Christianity, Hip Hop, Illuminati 
Underground emcee, Solomon "King Sal," Stein is a local celebrity who's skill on the mic won't pay his bills at home.   When he's approached by a mysterious woman who leads him to the President of "One By One (IXI) Records," the biggest label in hip hop, Sal thinks he's poised to get his big break.   When he's offered the record deal of his dreams, it seems like his struggles are over.  However, when he begins to receive cryptic messages,  he soon realizes that his biggest dream might cost him his soul. 
Expect the Unexpected. Believe the Unbelievable. Witness the RISE!
Want to read the novel/ start your journey?

"The story line is great...keeps you guessing as to what's next...the fate of a few characters...and when others will Sonny...and dude who wants to buy Sal's house...and what those two have to do with one another...and I can go on and on with that. Also...little clues here and there like the numbers on Sal's when you read something later kinda brings you back to those things. The plot is interesting, characters are intriguing...and the imagery is on point...paints a very vivid picture. And the addition of the soundtrack is genius. Biggest holds my I'm looking for the next chapter to see what's next."

Kari B. - New Orleans, LA

"I love the story and the concept, so dope! Great job!!"

Tiffany T. - Washington, D.C


"IXI ROTK is a really entertaining combination of suspense, drama, and corporate intrigue that manages to explore age old conflicts 'between good and evil' but with a modern spin.  I'm loving it so far!"

Shawn H. -  Jersey City, NJ


"I am reading IXI: Rise of the King and let me tell you, I can't put it down." 

Debby M. -  Ypsilanti, MI



"This book is a must read for all, especially our youth. It is a well-written story of youth, dreams realized and deferred, tough decisions, and growth seasoned so well with the good word and set in a familiar place. Everything you want in a great book is here; danger, peace, excitement, consistency, love, war, compassion, redemption...I could go on and on. This book will take you through the entire range of emotions one can express. The authors intelligently use technology to bring the story to can literally hear the story and envision it happening right before your eyes. Well done...well done!" - Alexis H. Ann Arbor, MI





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