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The Characters


Solomon Stein aka
"King Sal"

Born in Detroit Michigan, Solomon, "King Sal" Stein has worked hard to be an emcee.  After leaving school to pursue his dreams and losing his mother to cancer, he's at a crossroads.  Mounting financial troubles are making is even more critical that he succeed in the rap game.



Horace Otto

Horace Otto is the president of One By One (IXI) Records, the envy of the hip hop world boasting five of the highest grossing hip hop artists of all time.  He's always on the look out for new talent to guarantee continued success.


The exotic woman in Horace Otto's inner circle.


Hiram "Wheelz" Wells

Hiram "Wheelz" Wells has been the top act in hip hop for the last fifteen years, with no signs of slowing down.  His fan base is solid and he continues to sell out stadiums.  Unfortunately, his rampant drug use and his violent outbursts may threaten his professional career.

Keno "The Money Man"

Born in Hollywood Florida, Keno was the perfect artist to help IXI reach audiences hungry for the southern hip hop sound.  When his first album sold three million copies in record time, Keno became an instant legend.  


A&R Rep for One By One Records, Eden has worked her way through the ranks and is now one of Horace Otto's most trusted subordinates.  


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