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IXI: Rise of the King

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by, Bryan & Paul Johnson



Solomon “Sal” Stein has dreams of success in the music industry. At the breakout moment of his music career, he is brought into the fold of Detroit-based, “One By One” Records (IXI), the hottest hip hop label in the country. But, the deeper Sal gets into the world of IXI, he realizes everything that glitters is not gold. Pushy corporate reps who want to steal his house, his growing feelings for a mysterious industry executive, and obscure messages hidden in plain sight are making it impossible to know what to believe. After the unthinkable happens and Sal thinks he’s found the person with all the answers, he learns there’s always another side of the story. Will Sal get what he’s looking for, or will he lose everything at the hands of those he thought he could trust?   


Expect the Unexpected. Believe the Unbelievable. One shall  RISE!

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